S1: Character Generation

dndamp-32(August 7th, 2016) – After many years away from the table we have returned once again to roll the bones. Today’s focus was on the discussion of the rule set we will operate under, D&D 5th Edition, and the generation of new characters.

Session Events:

When time came to generate the characters, the method was rolling 4d6 six times and discarding the lowest. Pretty standard fare. Under house rules however, if a player has not rolled a score above 15, he could take the highest score among his six rolls and change it to a 16. Out of the three players, Tim, of course, failed to roll above a 15 for any of his six dice tosses and was forced to take advantage of the house rule.

Now with scores in hand it was time to pick a race and a class. To change things up, I asked the characters to choose both attributes without sharing their choices with anyone else at the table. I was hoping to steer clear of the standard party of Fighter, Cleric, Wizard, & Thief. Interesting combinations could make for interesting scenarios. What would happen if all four chose Wizards? Two Gnome Paladins and Two Half-Orc Bards perhaps?

I’m going to teabag a Beholder! -Tim

With the players choices made I had them one by one announce their choices. Tim picked a Half-Elven Ranger, Jeff a Half-Elven Cleric, and Chris  a Half-Elven Ranger! Well that was good for a laugh at the table, Three Half-Elfs, two of which are Rangers. That could make for and interesting backstory for the Campaign I thought, wheels were already spinning in my head.

With the Race and Class choices out of the way it was down to the dirty job of fleshing the characters out, adding racial attributes to their ability scores, deciding if they wipe front to back or vice versa, choosing alignment, equipment, languages, skills and so on. This took the remainder of the session for the day.


Food & Drink:

Food of the day was “Beer Can Chicken” compliments of Chris. Barbecued on the grill to perfection and absolutely delicious. For drinks Tim and Jeff brought beers of various types including something called Purple Haze or Raspberry Beret. Whatever it was called it smelled and tasted like dirty ass. Not that I know what dirty ass tastes like but if I had to guess, that beer would be it. Jeff apparently enjoyed the taste of dirty ass and finished the bottle. For my part I made a container of delicious homemade sangria using top-shelf ingredients. It was summery, delicious, and didn’t taste like dirty ass.


Unexpected Event:

As we rolled up characters the Rio Olympics played in the background. A women’s bike race was on screen and we happened to catch the lead biker have a terrible crash heading downhill in a light rain, flying from her bike and hitting a curb at high speed. There was a collective gasp in the room. I honestly thought she might be dead but fortunately Annemiek van Vleuten survived with three fractured vertebrae and a severe concussion.


Up Next:

The next session was negotiated to take place on August 28th. During that session characters will wrap up any remaining character generation tasks and begin the campaign.  The campaign will consist of a small scenarios to introduce us all to the new rules and allow us to get into a comfort zone for encounter.