S5: Meet me in Phandalin – Part 2

(November 5th, 2016) - Today's session begins with the players devising a way to barricade themselves within Klarg's chamber. They decide to barricade the exit with crates, and except for a narrow path along the right side, cover the steps leading into the chamber with ball-bearings. They use the bodies of Klarg and the Goblins to block off the chimney leading into the room from the west. Florian takes first watch as the team attempts to get a long rest. Continue Reading

S4: Meet me in Phandalin – Part 1

(October 1st, 2016) - Today's session begins in the aftermath of the assault on Elmarch. It has been several tendays since the red-skinned Hobgoblin's horde burned a large portion of the town to the ground, ultimately ending with the murder of Darcaryn. The players have been assisting in the cleanup and rebuilding efforts in Elmarch. During this time they have befriended two recent visitors to the town, a Dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker, and a Human named Sildar Hallwinter. Gundren's skill in masonry and stonework and Sildar's exceptional carpentry skills were welcome help in many facets of the rebuilding effort. One morning during breakfast Gundren approaches the players with a business proposition. Continue Reading